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TAARA, Tom Asher Adventure Rider Academy, is an adventure motorcycle riding school that teaches real-world techniques that can be applied to real-world adventures.

A member of Team USA in the 2016 GS Trophy, Tom Asher has over 15 years' experience developing skills designed specifically for large adventure bikes in off-road conditions, and also has extensive experience in off-road motorcycle racing. The expertise he has acquired has earned him a reputation for being able to take a motorcycle anywhere on any terrain, which he recently demonstrated as the first rider to enter an extreme hard enduro on a BMW R1200GSA at the 2016 Tennessee KnockOut. Tom has over 15 years' experience training individuals and groups, and is a professional mechanic.



Our mission at TAARA is to equip the adventure rider with the skills necessary to successfully complete their journey, whether near home or on an epic adventure.

Our individual and group classes teach techniques that help riders use body position, clutch, throttle, and brakes to tackle surfaces and obstacles including gravel, rocks, sand, switchbacks, water crossings, mud, logs, and ascents/descents. These techniques are designed to conserve rider energy and keep the motorcycle intact, increasing the rider's confidence in safely navigating a variety of real-world conditions.

By training with TAARA, you can accomplish great things riding off-road, more than you ever thought possible!

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